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EVERSANA went directly to the source and asked payers the questions we all have on our mind.

Tough questions like:

  • How long does your health plan anticipate covering COVID-19 at no cost?
  • How long does your health plan anticipate operating with a critical needs plan to combat COVID-19?
  • How do you expect the use of telemedicine to change once the COVID-19 pandemic ends?
  • What health information technology (HIT) tools are you using?
  • Is your organization currently investing in education tools for patients enabling direct communication related to COVID-19?

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We know you have just as many questions as we do so send your urgent questions to our unrivaled expert network of 100% of the leading health plans and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), the top 100 hospital systems, and/or the top 200 oncology centers in the US.

Let’s partner to work through so many speculations and ID what’s most important for your brand in these uncertain times.

EVERSANA used ACCESSEXPRESS and in <2 hours we had real insight!

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